Grilled Dove/Quail *Hunter's Treat*
Cooking Time: 10-15 min
Needs 2-4 birds per person


Grub Rub® Seasoning
Skinless dove breast or skinless whole quail
Jalapeno peppers to taste

Step One:

Sprinkle Grub Rub® seasoning to both sides of the birds
Slice jalapeno peppers in half longways, removing any seeds

Step Two:

Attach 1 slice of jalapeno pepper to rib side of the bird with toothpick
Tip: If you like it hot, use a pepper on each side
Wrap the bird with bacon using toothpicks to hold in place

Tip: Bacon will shrink while cooking, use several toothpicks

Step Three:

Using tongs, place birds on the grill
Rotate the birds every 3 to 5 minutes
When the bacon is cooked, the birds are ready
Be sure to not overcook. ENJOY!